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AI Connect Marketing Program

Our AI Connect Marketing Program couples the impact of an InsiderTalks or MedTalks Video with distribution to:


  • Registered members at our websites

  • Targeted individuals on our industry-specific email distribution lists

  • Social media 

  • Most, importantly, our artificial intelligence-enabled targeting and distribution

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Our AI Connect Marketing  Program enables companies of all sizes to couple the impact of an InsiderTalks Video  interview with our proprietary and targeted distribution.


The objective? To reach targeted professionals, business owners, potential customers, potential strategic partners, and private equity, venture capital, and family office investors.


The program consists of:


  • The production of an InsiderTalks Video.


  • Your InsiderTalks Video is posted at the Business Connect Insider, Cannabis and Hemp Insider, Medical and Pharma Insider, or Emerging  Technology Insider websites.  The tens of thousands of registered members receive an alert when the video is available for viewing. 

  • Your InsiderTalks Video is emailed to our website registered members. Our basic program consists of weekly distribution over a three week period.   


  • Your InsiderTalks Video is also posted to targeted social media, which depending on your industry or sector and your business and financial objectives typically ranges from 200,000 to 1,000,000.  


  • Your InsiderTalks Video can also be posted to your company’s website, distributed to your mailing lists of customers, potential customers, shareholders, investors and contacts, and used by your company for other business and corporate purposes.


AI Targeting

Key to the program is our "rifle shot" AI targeting, using our proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

We're able to target social media business users based on factors including:

  • Your business or financial objectives

  • Your industry or sector

  • Your location

  • Job titles

  • Number of employees

Our Industry and
Sector Focus

Our AI Connect Marketing Program including a Meditalks, TechTalks, CannabisTalks or InsiderTalks videos are beneficial for companies in all industries and sectors.


Our industries and sectors include:

  • Alternative energy 

  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals

  • Brick and Mortar retail

  • Business Services

  • Healthcare technologies and services 

  • Information security and cybersecurity 

  • Internet of Things (IOT) 

  • Medical devices 

  • Oil and gas

  • E-commerce and online retail

  • Product manufacturers and distributors

  • Information technology

  • Service businesses

  • Franchisors

  • Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD 

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)

Distribution of your InsiderTalks Video through our Google News Publisher


Your InsiderTalks video will also be distributed through our Google News Publisher, which results in your video also being distributed through the Google News Alert Service.

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We write and release a press release announcing your InsiderTalks VIdeo 

We wll prepare and release through a wire service a press release featuring your  InsiderTalks VIdeo, which we'll submit to you for approval prior to its release.

The press release announcing your InsiderTalks video will be:

  • Syndicated on major news outlets and publications, sent directly to targeted journalists, delivered directly to newsrooms, published on social media and "pushed through" to mobile devices. 

  • Immediately picked up by radio and TV station news sites.

  • Featured at local websites of CBS, Fox, and NBC affiliates, and dozens of radio station websites.

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