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 Marketing Programs

We're best described as marketing strategists and implementers.

Our AI Connect Marketing Program combines the impact of an InsiderTalks, TechTalks,  MedTalks, or CannabisTalks video with our proprietary website, email, and social media distribution.


Most importantly, we couple the videos with our artificial intelligence-driven targeting, utilizing FC Analytic's proprietary AI technology,

(InsiderTalks videos are featured at Business Connect Insider; TechTalks videos are featured at  Emerging Technology Insider; MedTalks videos are featured at Medical and  Pharma Insider; and CannabisTalks are featured at Cannabis and Hemp Insider.)


Our AI Connect Marketing Program couples the impact of an Insidertalks Video with:

  • Website distribution

  • Email distribution

  • Social media distribution


Most importantly it includes our artificial intelligence-enabled targeting and distribution.

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Bussinessman in Modern Office

Our Video Interviews

Our videos feature conversations with management of companies with business or financial objectives.

An TechTalks Video 
at Emerging Technology Insider
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An InsiderTalks Video at 

Business Connect Insider

Bussinessman in Modern Office
A MedTalks Video 
at Medical and Pharma Insider
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Hotline Consultant

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